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Our large selection of white knuckle thrill rides will certainly give the brave hearted a run for their money and guarantee an experience they have never felt before.


Our selection of thrill rides include features designed to flip you, spin you, drop you and toss you around in a safe and yet fun manor.  

White Knuckle Rides

This ride consists of 6 cartridges that can seat up to 24 passengers per ride. The cartridges gets driven vertically around an oval shaped track that  also spins around in both directions.

this rides has 4 lifting arms connected to a rotating centre. Each arm supports a cluster of cars which are lifted at 90° into the horizontal position once the ride is spinning. At the same time, each cluster of cars rotates around the arm

Experience both positive and negative g –forces in seconds with the pendulum moving arm that also turns the gondola seats around at the same time

Undoubtedly one of the best thrill seeking rides ever invented. The ride features 8 main arms each with a 4-seater capacity gondola on each end. As the ride starts to spin at full speed, the cars move to an outwards position. The supporting boom then lifts up into mid air at a 60 degree angle. When the ride is in its elevated position the main boom turns clockwise and anti-clockwise creating a 360 degree spinning and turning sensation in all directions for its riders

Body Count Extreme freak out roller ride extreame ride freakout ride booster ride megaspin ride topbuzz ride matterhorn ride

This ride is made up of a telescopic column with two arms and two vehicles that are free to rotate in both directions.


The rides speed is variable and can reach a maximum force of 3.6 G.


The contemporaneus rotation of arms and the vehicles loop, result in a extraordinary amount of sensations for passengers and bystanders.


Top Buzz combines heights, speed and rotating seats! Sat in groups, the ride lifts you high into the air, leaving you upside down until your seats begin to rotate. Whatever you do don’t look down! But that’s not all, the ride will then begin to spin on its axis, rotating riders in a number of directions, until you won’t know which way is up!

The Mega spin also known as the star gate, is a a thrill ride that will spin you around and upside down at super high speeds. The ride lifts the seated platform high up whilst spinining around at high speed before the platform begins to rotate in a 360 degree spin.

Screems can be heared for miles as no one is sure what is going to happen next.

A classic fairground white knuckle ride that consists of twenty three two seater cars each attached to axles that swings as the ride drives around a hill and valley track. The faster the ride goes, the more dramatic the swinging motion gets with the cars.

Body Count

The Roller


Mega Spin

Freak Out



Top Buzz

The Roller
Mega Spin