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Speedway Ark

Here is a one off chance to own a piece of British fairground history, a Lakins speedway Ark painted by Hall and Fowle complete with motor bikes and horse chariots. This ride was specially built for my great grand parents (the Benson family) to travel the fun fairs of Great Britain in the early 1930's. Till this day the ride is still owned by the same family but is sadly not traveled anymore. The ride was last open in 1983  in Chessington zoo and has been in storage ever since due to strong competition from modern fairground rides of todays era and the building up / pulling down work involved with this ride.


The ride is in full working order and still spins round like its just come out the factory. All electrics inside and out work although there is the odd few bulbs thats need replacing. Paint work is in fair condition in most areas around the ride (as seen in photos) although i will say the varnish has started to peel away in most areas, so restoration for the paint work will be needed.


Most of the wood in and around the ride is ok, there are a few minor areas where the wood has started to go rotton as you would expect for a ride that is over 80 years old.

The ride comes complete with original storage trailer and pay pox trailer.


This is a very sentimental ride for me as it contains loads of memory's of me sitting in the pay box with my great grand parents and it was also the first ride they ever brought. Following years of nagging from my younger brother I have finally caved in and decided to now part with the ride as its taking up alot of room in our yard but more realistically because im never going to use it.  :-(


I do have more photos available for you to view, so if you are interested please either contact me on my mobile on 0788 750 5688 or email me at

1930's Lakins Speedway Ark

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