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The ice experience, 24 meters x 14 meters under cover this unique idea enables us to provide the first of its type in the world; This state of the art ice rink is fully portable, the unit arrives on its own semi trailer, after it is in position the rink builds from the same.


The ice experience is fitted with an all weather roof which is in the design of a giant snowflake. It has wind up windows that can be opened or closed; this will depend on the outdoor weather conditions! It has its own built in sound system, designed by disco smash, Belgium, which adds incredible music to the whole experience. Also with 100 strobe light caps; we can create a twinkling star light effect. The lighting can change the mood from ice blue to dazzling diamond white, or a sequence of coloured LED lighting creating designs on the ice its self. Smoke machines and lasers are optional. We have 800 pairs of skates; these range from double edge blades that can be fitted tochildren’s own footwear so that they can stand alone. Our skates size up to 12/13.


The skate hire can be located in a log cabin or a themed unit such as a marquee. We use rubberised walk ways to prevent skate blade damage and to protect the ground area. We can create an alpine themed food court area; or a carousel the options are endless!


We have a successful pricing policy, as well as all the above we offer the staffing, ice stewards, delivery and collection

and a full set up team.

Ice Experience