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The Coconut shy is a traditional Victorian family favourite. This old fashioned Victorian stall still attracts the crowds today and is a great way to show off your aim and accuracy at the fair. Try to knock a coconut off a stand, and if you succeed you win the coconut and a prize. The coconut shy is the perfect way for thrill seekers to take a brief break from the white knuckle fun fair rides and enjoy some traditional amusements











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Perhaps the most famous fairground game of all. Hit the target with the hammer and try to ring that bell! You would be surprised at who can succeed, and who fails. Lots of laughs at all your mates as they flop in front of you!






Our Hoopla will create the ultimate fairground atmosphere. This traditional fun fair game can be enjoyed by fun lovers of all ages. Try and win a prize by throwing a simple hoop over your chosen prize, with lots of prizes to win

The hoopla stalls can be used either indoor or outdoor and every tent has its own lighting effects.

hoopla fun fair

A whole lot of fun with prizes to be won!

A whole lot of fun with prizes to be won!



Tin Can Alley is a traditional Victorian family favourite that offers timeless fun for everyone. The aim is to knock down the tower of tin cans to win a prize.


Tin Can Alley is a must for any fun fair event as it is sure to attract large crowds with competitive friends bragging to each other they have what it takes.

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Test your shooting skills at our rifle gallery. Enjoy the thrill of sharp shooting, Competing and beating your Fellow shooters.

Test your nerves

Prove your shooting accuracy & win a prize



For marksen and all good sports

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