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We have a great selection of family rides to choose from with our Dodgems and Super Star ride being the most popular.


To help you decide which rides would be more appropriate for your event, we have devised our star rating chart to give you an idea of what rides are popular at events.


Please click on any of the rides below for rating information, photos and video footage.


All our rides include £10 million Public & Employers liability insurance. Each ride will have its own safety certificate issued by the department of the environment and full ADIPS documentation approved and authorised by Health and Safety Executive.

A Traditional fairground ride that offers family fun for all ages. The paint work, music, decorative lights and effects enhances the whole riding experience. The ride consists of upto 20 modern style cars each with the capability of seating 2 people at a time.





A side moving thrill ride consisting of two giant twin arms connected to 16 inline seats that reaches a height of 20 metres within seconds before lowering back down to ground level. includes a decritive backflash.







A traditional scary family ride that introduces laughter and thrills as you adventure around the inner dungeons of the under world. Be aware of ghosts, skeletons, living vanpires, howling wolfs and monsters inside. This ride will promise to make you scream









A  family fairground spinning ride Ideal for Children and Adults. It consists of 3 arms, 12 cars and seats upto 24 people. The area required for is approx 50ft diameter.


Undoubtedly one of the best thrill seeking rides ever invented. The ride features 8 main arms each with a 4-seater capacity gondola on each end. As the ride starts to spin at full speed, the cars move to an outwards position. The supporting boom then lifts up into mid air at a 60 degree angle. When the ride is in its elevated










See the fair form the air with this Classic family fun ride suitable for children and adults. It Consists of an upright slow moving wheel connected to 20 swinging passenger cars.


Miami Trip

Ghost Train

Super Star


Big Wheel

dodgems ride big wheel ride miami funfair ride twist ride Ghost Train ride

position the main boom turns clockwise and anti-clockwise creating a 360 degree spinning and turning sensation in all directions for its riders.

Family Rides

The Bungee Trampoline 4 in 1 is a great attraction for all the family.

An exhilarating yet safe, piece of equipment. It's a very popular attraction always one of the the biggest crowd pullers at any event!

A great experience for all ages from 7 to onwards! Defy Gravity! Jump Like You Never Jumped Before! Perform Adrenalin Pumping Somersaults and Acrobatics High in the Air!!

Jump & Smile

Miami Trip Video Twist Video dodgems

Family Rides

frog ride

The Wave Swinger  based on the traditional Chair-o-Plane ride, but with a tilting top for added dynamics and featuring all modern operating and safety systems.


RIDE CAPACITY;36 passengers per ride


Wave Swinger

swing boats resize

Victorian Adult Swing Boats

This ride has been a classic feature at British fun fairs for over 150 years and still continues to excite families.


Our Swing Boats can ride both children and adults alike, so all the family can enjoy the thrills and laughter's their grandparents did back in the days!

"Getting back into the swing of things"